Jul 152016

Like many of you reading this I, was sick and tired of being bamboozled by these big name brand repair shops like “Tires Plus”, “Pep Boys” etc. Everytime my vehicle needed repairs I’d leave those shops feeling like I just gave up an arm and a leg because of the outrageous bills! I mean, we’ve all be through the scenario where you’d bring your car in for a simple oil change yet some how you ended up leaving with a $200 bill! Like ” Huh?!?..What the hell just happened?!”. However, with “Membership Auto” it’s the COMPLETE opposite. The days of work 6 jobs just to pay for an auto repair bill are OVER!!lol Instead of paying $150 here and $500 there with each visit. All you pay is the monthly membership fee. THATS IT. Regardless of what the repairs may be whether it’s a $1,500 transmission or a $5,000 engine replacement.

With super low plans starting at just $39.99 a month you’ll never have to worry about breaking the bank for each time you visit! When you leave their facility you feel like they ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. They have some of the best automotive technicians out there working on your vehicle and provide great customer service! They’ll NEVER add repairs that are not necessary and will only fix what your vehicle truly needs. Stop letting these big brand companies take advantage of you and join the Membership auto family! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 🙂
Billy Eustaches
West Palm Beach, Fl.