Q. Can I get a multi-car discount?
A. While we have trimmed as much cost off our club memberships, in certain circumstances we can offer a discount for multiple vehicles.

Q. Do I have to sign a long term contract?
A. No, you have a 15 day notice to cancel whenever you choose.

Q. Do I have to pay for parts or labor if I am a member of your club?
A. No, it is all covered by us at our locations.

Q. Who else does this?
A. No one, we designed this program and are the pioneer of this method in our industry.

Q. Can I pick my tires?
A. Yes, you can pay a small upgrade fee and get whatever brand tire you would like.

Q. Do you send me a bill every month?
A. No, we auto debit your credit card until the contract ends or you request to be off the club.

Q. How do you make money with such low prices?
A. Trust us, we make money. The way we make money is a proprietary secret that we cannot give out.

Q. What if I break down outside of the coverage area?
A. We are expanding quickly. If you are going to take a long trip just come in for an inspection prior to the trip and we will cover you for up to 2 weeks or 2000 miles outside of our area.

Q. Do you offer synthetic oils?
A. Yes, we offer full synthetic oils for a small monthly upgrade fee.

Q. Do you offer detailing?
A. Yes, we offer full detailing for a small monthly upgrade fee.

Q. Do you offer towing?
A. Yes, we offer towing for a small monthly upgrade fee.

Q. If I crash my car are mechanical parts and labor still covered?
A. No that would fall under the responsibility of the insurance company. We only cover things that we can control. Accidents are not covered.

Q. What does it cost to get on the program?
A. It costs $49.99 for qualification fees and first month of membership down. Usually under $100.00 total for most cars.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. since 1999

Q. How long can I be on the program?
A. Up to 15 years form the date the vehicle was manufactured or 300,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Q. What if I already have a lot of mileage on my car, can I still sign up?
A. Yes, as long as the vehicle is under 15 years old or 300,00 miles you can sign up. Some prorating may occur with certain mileages that were incurred before the program sign up. You will not be prorated if you exceed the mileage markers if you were under that mileage when you signed up. So don’t wait to sign up, call us today.

Q. Who designed this program?
A. Our founder Nathan Reardon.

Q. how does the referral program work?
A. You tell someone about the club, they sign up and you get a month free. This is unlimited for you so tell as many people as you want.

Q. Are my oil changes and regular services included in this club? My extended warranty makes me do that on my own.
A. Yes we cover all routine services as well as any major repair you may need including engine or transmission failure. See full list of coverage’s on our web site.

Q. What if I miss a payment.
A. You have a 5 day grace period and if it is not taken care of we have to take you out of the club. There will be a re inspect fee of $200.00 if you choose to get back into the club so make sure to keep up on these monthly dues. We don’t want you wasting money; we are here to save you money.