Don Law: Board Member and CTO


Don Law Board Member and CTO – He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science, Software Engineering Option; December 1992; 4.00 GPA. Awarded jointly by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and FAU.

Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science; Furman University, May 1984; 3.88 GPA in major. Chief Technology Officer, Principal, and Corporate Secretary for an online arbitration company  – Responsible for all company technology. Took the company from a basic idea through refined design and requirements documentation to fully working system. The resulting system is robust, scalable, reliable, secure, and extensible. It has been online in the cloud for over two years with no security breaches, data loss, or outages; and only trivial problem reports from customers. In addition to managing all technology, also conducted training, authored the cover story for Claims magazine, produced videos, conducted online seminars, refined business plan, integrated marketing efforts, and many other tasks driving the company forward.


Technology Consultant, an international cruise line – Solved over 100 technology problems in order to make company processes effective, and automated otherwise manual and labor intensive tasks. Solutions have enabled the smallest-staffed group to manage the largest amount of servers. As a result, that team is now the most innovative and efficient in the Midrange systems division of the cruise line.

Chief Technologist, Salient Software Solutions – Prioritized projects based on technical merit, architected solutions for real-world problems, and led several leading-edge experimental prototypes. Serviced the technology needs of many different companies, both large and small. Completed architecture, design, and implementation of Salient FingerDoc, a mobile application for Java- capable mobile phones. Created the space-critical, network-aware mobile facility that was integrated with database and fax generation software on Salient’s server. Went from scratch to working prototype in 12 days.

Tactical Specialist, McAfee/Intel – Handled emergencies, removed roadblocks, and improved efficiency for the network security and firewall engineering group. Resolved difficult kernel bugs, migrated systems to new hardware, liaisoned difficult customers, developed and deployed internaltools, assisted developers that were “stuck.” Handled problems that nobody else was willing or able to take on. Required daily shifting and management of priorities. Authentication, IPS, and SNMP, Senior Engineer, Secure computing

– Designed and implemented an internal subsystem to pull signature sets from a vendor, then customize, certify, verify, encrypt, and deploy packages to production high security firewall systems.

High Availability Architect, Cyberguard – Chief architect for the High Availability subsystem of a high assurance firewall. Oversaw all phases of the project from requirements elicitation to implementation, release, and support, using a UML and OO based development process.

A7000 Technical Lead, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) – Responsible for correct application of resources to product delivery problems, elimination of duplication of effort, and ensuring engineers maintained focus. Led overall technical direction of Sun’s most complex storage product. Performed many different problem-solving functions, such as Transfers of Information (engineering classes), field bug analysis and repair, answering kernel architecture questions from other engineers, and capturing past success and mistakes in a lessons- learned study. Senior Engineer, Encore Computer Corporation and Gould Computer Systems – Many different projects including mainframe storage, Unix device drivers, operating systems, languages, compilers, run- time environments, embedded systems, clusters, microkernels, guest operating systems, performance tuning, device integration, hardware acceleration, associative processors, hardened systems, etc.



  • Patent 7,969,991
  • KEIP (Key employee, top 5% companywide), Sun Microsystems
  • Peer-nominated performance award, McAfee
  • Outstanding Contribution, EMC
  • Impact Engineer of the Year, Secure Computing
  • Outstanding Contribution, Encore Computer Corporation


  • Married 20 years with two children
  • Foster Parent, Broward County/4Kids
  • Ordained Deacon, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
  • Board of Directors, non-profit radio station GraceFM
  • Leader, Little Friends/Big Friends, a ministry for children of single parents
  • Guest speaker at local technology user groups