Chad Hurd Graphics and Design Team Leader


Chad Hurd is an Annie Award Nominated artist and director, currently working as the Art Director on the animated series, Archer (FXX Network). He’s held nearly every position on Archer including Illustration Director, Storyboard Artist, and Art Director. His foray into animation came after he and Neal Holman (Archer, Frisky Dingo, Sealab2021) collaborated on a web-comic for a contest in 2007. Despite the inherent insignificance of the contest, the two enjoyed working together. Originally from rural Maine, Chad moved to Atlanta, GA to join the animation studio, 70-30 Productions. In 2009, the studio morphed into present day Floyd County Productions, where Chad continues to grow as an artist and director as the company expands.

When Chad isn’t busy working on Archer you can find him with his wife, Kate, baby girl, Darby, and boxer dog, Lincoln, scouring through piles of junk at a thrift store looking for mid-century furniture. Although Chad has lived in Atlanta for nearly a decade his Maine roots run deep. You can often find him scarfing down whoopie pies or educating southerners on the health benefits of Moxie soda.